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Aims & Objectives
Aims & Objectives
  • To work for the development of economy of India.
  • To organize Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Symposia etc. in respect of Indian Economy. Industrialization, Public Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Business Service and such allied subjects.
  • To organize workshops in various places in the field of Indian Economy, Trade Export and Import, Exim Policy, and such other allied subjects by participating Economists, Eminent Personalities, Leaders, Politicians, Industrialists and Such Other Individuals / Groups from various fields / Positions.
  • To assist the enterprises for getting collaboration with foreign enterprises / companies with the help of concerned ministries.
  • To watch, to promote the interest and safeguard the rights and liberties of the members in all matters concerning
  • To work as a conduit to transfer the technical skills from foreign experts / companies / agencies.
  • To endeavour to redress the day to day grievances of the members by all available and peaceful means.
  • To arrange for foreign trips / study tours for the entrepreneurs and provide all necessary assistance and facilities.
  • To cooperate, to federate or to affiliate itself with any other organizations having similar objectives.
  • To render possible legal aids to the members in respect of matters arising out of his / her business.
  • To invite economists, foreign experts etc. in various fields to visit our establishments.
  • To work for the upliftment of standard of living of general public.
  • To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals and other publications for the benefits of the association and its aims and objectives.
  • To make correspondences in lawful manner to arrange meetings with the concerned Govt. Authorities for the solution of social / civic / economic problems of members of the association.
  • To raise funds through grants, donations, subscriptions, loans etc. for fulfillment of aims and objects of the society and to invest surplus funds of the society into RBI Bonds and such other government securities / investments as per income tax rules.
  • To organize mutual consultations / events of students with other students from various universities.
  • To purchase / acquire land from the concerned government authorities / private parties for the construction of buildings for the society and its establishments.
  • To perform all such acts as may be necessary for the achievement and accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and objects and allied social activities and services.
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H.E. Khun Korn Dabbaransi, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand  inaugurated the lamp at the 10th International Achievers Summit- Bangkok, (Thailand)

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    Promotes and encourages commendable achievements from all over the country. The Forum regularly organises national and international level seminars with the help of its members to promote socially responsible business practice and sustainable development in economic as well as social front in India.

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